Vixen Smoking Gear World-Class Smoking Products

How We Got Started

Over the years, we've seen the work of a LOT of wooden dugout manufacturers.  Much to our surprise, we've seen the overall quality of the product decline instead of get better.  Sadly, wooden dugouts have become a commodity and, quite frankly, we got tired of looking at poorly made, mass produced, disposable, products.  From our disappointment, Vixen was born.

At Vixen Smoking Gear, we decided to make an heirloom-quality dugout that can be relied upon for generations of use.  We decided that folks deserve something that is both durable and beautiful, and worth every penny of their hard-earned money. The result?  When holding the Vixen dugout in your hand you will revel in its robust quality and premium Wooden Silk™ feel. 

Once we started making quality dugouts it came time to look into pipes and their faults and improve upon them also. In Gem™ HalfCap™ line of products, we developed the most uniquely satisfying smoking piece on the market today, not just in terms of performance, but also in terms of its amazing look and feel.

Our pieces are worked by hand in the good old U.S.of A. by our skilled craftsmen, who have over 40 years of woodworking experience.  Buy one, enjoy its visual beauty, feel it, and use it.  We're sure that you will agree that it is the finest piece of wooden smoking gear that you have ever owned, and will recommend it to your friends and pass it down to the next generation as a family treasure for generations to come.